Neeraj Agnihotri Photography

Boudoir / Lingerie photography: Implied Nude Photography

Boudoir that is defined as a woman’s private room, when combined with a photo-shoot session becomes a sexier form of glamorous photography. It captures seductive, sensual and intimate still of a lady in both candid and posed form. This form of photography is all about producing a visually engaging and erotically exhilarating photograph of a woman. This genre of photography generally portrays fully clothed to partially clothed models in exciting ways that convey a combination of sexuality and beauty. Sometimes even hand bra is used to maintain the modesty, as it is totally different from the nude photography.  These photographs are mainly meant for the commercial use in calendars, magazines etc.


 Boudoir Photography Delhi - Striped - Neeraj Agnihotri Lingerie Shoot by Fashion Photographer Neeraj Agnihotri

Boudoir is a celebration of your personality, body and your beauty. Generally, a bedroom is used as the backdrop. The principal part that makes boudoir photography stand out is that it’s more natural compared to the other forms of photography. The style of photography in this genre is implied nude that is very different from nude photography. Different types of props are used in this style, varying from a bed-sheet to anything that can be found in a boudoir. On the other hand, nude photography varies from explicit to fine art nudes. Neeraj Agnihotri specializes in both types.  Moreover, even swimsuits/ bikinis are used in a boudoir shoot to give it a unique look forming a modern form of Fashion Boudoir Photography. Luxury boudoir shoot speaks a lot for a lingerie brand.