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Advertisement Photography: Main Form of Editorial Photography

Editorial Photography is the most creative form of fashion photography; it basically revolves around a theme or a story. Unlike advertisements, it’s not strictly intended on selling a product. But it is doing the same thing indirectly and in a better way as it focuses more on selling an idea than a product. This type of photography is usually done for a magazine. It also includes in its category articles, stories or reports being published in newspapers, magazines, newsletters, books and websites.

Neeraj Agnihotri has also mastered the art of giving life to a product be it fashion clothing, jewellery or any accessory with his perfect photography skills and editing knowledge. Not only has he known how to bring out the perfect look and feel but also the quality of the product, thus giving a better experience. Attractive styling and locations can make a simple shoot exceptional. Most important part of it is garment photography which is dedicated to displaying the clothes. It is also known by other names as Apparel photography & Clothing photography.

Themes are sometimes a whole detailed concept and sometimes just a word. The final photograph depends on many variables including the clothes, the location, the model and the lighting. Neeraj Agnihotri very well understands the permutation and combination of these variables so as to develop an abstract idea into a concrete image. That’s why he finds it very exciting to work as an editorial photographer.


Neeraj Agnihotri has done shoot with models from nearly all over the world including models from New York, Berlin, London, St. Petersburg, Prague, Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, Kiev and many more cities.His team has worked on a lot of themes. Every minute detail is taken care of in these fashion shoots from the bright styling to the highlighting of the makeup. Dresses are also a work of art here from a bright colourful rag to show the extremism to a beautiful sweeping gown to show the subject. All these kinds of fashion shoots are as per the idea, story & requirement.

He understands visibly what differentiates a Product shoot from a Catalogue Shoot or a Catalogue Shoot from a Look-book Photography and thus adjusts his capturing skills according to the requirement. Catalogs are mainly meant to give full product description with pictures taken from every angle; most look-books on the other hand focus on telling a story by featuring the products in an editorial thus showing how it can fit into the lifestyle of a person. Look-books are indirect selling, so it uses more than the photography. It also needs strong design aesthetics and style to make an appealing story to bowl over your targets.

He has done several commercial garment shoots all over India for national and international designers. In addition to that, he has helped many e-commerce websites in increasing their client base with his photoshoots.

These photo sessions are extremely stylised in terms of the wardrobe selection. It’s all about adding an extra appeal to a model’s facial features through the use of makeup and lighting. There are no preset standards and styles of glamour photography, as it keeps on evolving with the passage of time. Glamour portrait photography gives you so much scope to experiment as it displays the expression, personality, and mood of the subject. You can go for a classical painting portrait that reflects vintage style in the pictures with the help of clothes set up or you can do environmental portrait that makes pictures very creative, candid and interesting. And not to forget in environmental portrait, we get lots of poses and styles.

Apart from this, Neeraj Agnihotri also likes working on black and white portraits where the colour of the image is more brownish, metallic, noir, or is based on high-key or low key photography. 

Beauty Photography: Photography Skills & Retouching Knowledge

Beauty Portraits/ Head Shots/ Beauty Shoot/ Close-up Shots/ Beauty Photography - They are one and the same thing. These shoots focus more on showing the facial features like lips, eyes, hair and flawless skin. It needs high quality of make-up and exceptional hair styling. In addition to that, it also requires terrific knowledge of the face structure, lighting, composition of a shot & makeup (Just an idea).  That is the reason why it is mostly used for the advertisements of cosmetics, hair products, high-end makeup and other such items. Moreover, it forms an important part of the editorials.

Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder, that’s what makes beauty tough to define and also to capture through the eye of a photographer’s lens. Capturing beauty that is not just visual but also visceral is the sole aim of Neeraj Agnihotri while doing a beauty shoot. Collaboration of Model, Photographer and MUA is always required to make a successful shoot. Also, not to forget the other great elements like combination of good light, unblemished model, make up and retouching can produce an image worth categorizing as beauty photo. The most common light modifier that is used for beauty photography these days is a beauty dish. Additionally, the experience of a photographer in this field also matters as he can effortlessly make the facial features of a model look even more enhancing. And once the shoot is done, retouching is done to add the magic.

Best Beauty Photographer Delhi Neeraj Agnihotri



This type of photography requires splendid facial features. It is all about perfection. Apart from that, great make-up and high-end retouching takes a very significant role in it, as any type of compromise with the perfection in such shoots is inexcusable. The word ‘Beauty’ says it all.

Neeraj Agnihotri, thus, works on the smoothening of the skin, retaining the skin texture, hair retouching, optimizing body proportions, enhancing the facial features, and using the technique of dodging and burning that gives better tones and a 3D shape to the face. Sometimes, he also does digital makeover for emphasizing all the beautiful details that make the model look absolutely perfect and ready to be on the cover of a magazine, ready for a skin care product or a magazine ad.