Fantasy Photography | Digital Manipulation Photography

Fantasy photography or photo manipulation is not just a photographic skill, but rather it’s an art like painting as this requires an enormous amount of imagination in making anything surreal. It involves playing with the vision and taking the characters towards the desired perfection with creative retouching.  

The Lady Leopard 

A girl turning into a leopard - Beauty Shoot



Gazardiel Angel - The Wings

Fantasy Photography Angel with wings


 Photo manipulation is thus more of fantasy photography for Neeraj Agnihotri. It's the best way by which someone can give life to one’s dreams. Fantasy Photography generally starts with the conceptualization of an idea which is then penned down on a paper to be used by a skilled sketch artist in the second stage. The sketch artist subsequently converts that text into the graphics. And only after that, the shoot is done by the professional photographer. This forms the third phase of such photography. The last and the most important phase is the editing, without which the photographs remain only partially finished. These shoots are dependent on editing a lot and some of the pictures belonging to this category have editing more than 51percent which can even go up to 70 percent at times.





The Dispersion

Dispersion effect photoshop manipulation photography



Gazardiel Angel - A New Beginning 


Simple image processing or color correction is done to help the photographer to overcome the problems like too much light, too less light, over exposure, under exposure and many others that sometimes arise while taking a picture. Digital manipulation, on the other hand, is more based on masking, removing or adding an element. Sometimes it needs more than technical knowledge to get close to the image originally imagined like in the case of fantasy photography. When this is the case, you need more creative retouching rather than basic image processing. The real work in this style starts once the shoot is over. As it is not mere subtle alterations to color balance, contrast, white balance or sharpness, but it is more than that. It’s creative retouching, where the photographer lets his creative side takes over his control, and the original photograph becomes his canvas and Photoshop his paintbrush.


The Obscured Stories










An Eerie Wait 




This type, therefore, requires very advanced knowledge of Photoshop. Neeraj Agnihotri has an experience of 4 years in the field of Picture Manipulation and thus with an extreme ease, he is able to bring any dreamlike idea to reality. He works on every aspect of these images very closely and as a result, he prefers to call any digitally altered image as a modern painting rather than just a Photoshopped image.