Being A Fashion Photographer

Fashion when combined with passion gives you photographs that are hard to describe in words. Fashion photography is not just about a beautiful model posing out there for you and an expert photographer shooting her with his expensive Hassle Blad camera, it’s about team work. Team that includes make-up artist, stylist, model and fashion photographer. A make-up artist who can give vibrant make up to models of all skin types and facial features, varying his style accordingly be it clean makeup, editorial makeup, avant garde (experimental makeup), and beauty makeup. A stylist who knows more than simply putting dresses together. One who can vary his styling sensing the theme of the shoot from bohemian style, sensuous style, sleek chic, sophisticated style or just a girl next door style. A model who is more than just a face to look at; one who can emote as per the creative and imaginative theme set for the shoot and can give poses more than just listed in any fashion photography magazine. More than 50% of a good fashion shoot are successful because of its model. And finally comes the photographer. He is no doubt an important part of a glamour shoot or a fashion shoot, but he needs his team by his side to make a shoot unbeaten. He is the one who understands very well the usage of light and knows how to use it at its best. He uses light not just to set the mood of the shoot but also to give the required depth to any image. He develops the concept and shoots it with perfection, from correcting postures to shooting images from an angle that brings the best of a model. Any fashion photo might look simple, but it actually is a result of dedication and hard work from a fashion photographer and his team.

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