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September 18, 2015

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My Journey As A Photographer

May 3, 2014
What is more interesting than a photographer’s work is his journey from being a novice photographer to turning professional. Photographers mainly start with street photography or landscape photography, mainly for the reason that the shoot is completely in their hands and thus saves them from various types of complications. I would have started with the same, but it was the colorful life of monkeys…

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What Is The Right Amount Of Photo Retouching?

April 30, 2014
When we read about the controversy of highly photo shopped images once used by Ralph Lauren; we are deluged by various questions related to digital manipulation of images. We wonder whether it’s a good idea to get images enhanced by using various available Softwares. If yes, how much is too much? As with the advent of digital era, there is almost no limit to what can be done to a simple looking …

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Thematic Photography

April 11, 2014
International model of Ukrainian origin was the main subject of this photo shoot. For this, we worked on three themes. Out of three, two main themes of this fashion photo shoot were Feral and Radical. Feral was meant to show the wild or untamed side of the model and radical to show the marked departure of a model from the usual. Every minute detail was taken care of in this shoot from the bright s…

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Just Another Shoot

April 10, 2014
The model in this shoot is PARI SAHNI, MTV splistvilla fame which is an Indian television show that airs on MTV. This shoot was done in the outlying part of Gurgaon. Scenic beauty of the mentioned place gave a sense of being far somewhere in a beautiful hill station. So the location worked very well to accentuate the theme I was working upon during that shoot. I used my old Canon 5D …

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Glamour Photography

April 7, 2014
Glamour photography is all about producing a visually engaging and thematically exhilarating photograph of your model. It is basically a poised image of a subject in a still position, wherein model poses not just with her facial expression but also with her body language. Make up plays an important role in such shoots as it enhances her look making it more appealing, glamorous and sensuous. Glam…

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Playing With Your Imagination

April 6, 2014
Photo manipulation photography is not just photography, but rather it’s an art like painting. I prefer to call it as a modern painting rather than a digitally manipulated image. The real work in such photography starts once the shoot is over. As it’s not mere subtle alterations to color balance, contrast, white balance or sharpness, but it is more than that. It’s kind of a creative retouching, whe…

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Working on a Beauty Shoot

April 5, 2014
Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder, that’s what makes beauty tough to define and also to capture through the eye of a photographer’s lens. Capturing beauty that is not just visual but also visceral is the sole aim of my photography when I do a beauty shoot. Merely a combination of good light, flawless model, make up and retouching cannot produce an image worth categorizing as beauty photo.…

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Clicking Fashion Portrait Pictures

April 4, 2014
Fashion portrait photography revolves around capturing the expression, personality and mood of the subject in your photographs. If this shoot is done indoor, you do have a control over the lighting of the composition of the subject, but when it’s outdoor you need to know where the light is so you know where to position your subjects. When it comes to portrait photography you need to act like a dir…

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Being A Fashion Photographer

April 4, 2014
Fashion when combined with passion gives you photographs that are hard to describe in words. Fashion photography is not just about a beautiful model posing out there for you and an expert photographer shooting her with his expensive Hassle Blad camera, it’s about team work. Team that includes make-up artist, stylist, model and fashion photographer. A make-up artist who can give vibrant make up t…

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