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When it comes to fashion photography, High-End Fashion Retouching forms the most important part of any picture postproduction. As even, if you have used all the permutations and combinations to get that perfect fashion shot, there are still some photographs that are not able to reflect what exactly was there in your mind because some mild flaws will always remain. For that reason - fashion, portrait, editorial, and advertisement photography always require high-end commercial retouching to make that picture perfect, and sometimes these techniques can even take the picture even beyond perfection. Sometimes retouching is the enhancement of flaws, as flaws are a form of natural beauty.  

Frequency Separation is considered as one of the best techniques for retouching, as it doesn't wash out the texture of the skin. In the recent years, ‘plastic skin’ term has become very notorious. This method has been used by many Photoshop experts, even though it is highly criticized. Frequency separation helps in solving this problem as it retains the texture. It's the technique that is used in different types of advertisement photography, be it in the magazines or anywhere else. Neeraj Agnihotri excels at preserving the texture of the image while enhancing it to an industry standard. 


That helps in retaining the quality texture of the skin.

It includes chapters like - dodging and burning, color correction, blemishes removal, smothering of skin, figuring a model, hair retouching, eyes retouching, lips retouching. Nearly each and every part of the body require retouching after the shoot. It is the study of perfection for the full body that requires working on every feature.

Neeraj Agnihotri has done a lot of fashion & beauty retouching work for several international photographers, Models & Advertisement agencies from London, Toronto, Los Angeles, New York, Melbourne, Tokyo, California, Berlin, Paris, Copenhagen, and many other places though out the world.


Dark Art/ Fine Arts Retouching

Photo Retouching not only makes your picture very glamorous but also stunningly perfect. Enhancement of a picture means to get the desired elements and to eliminate the undesired ones. Retouching is not just a form of image editing; it makes the editor a Make-up artist and a cosmetic surgeon. A detailed knowledge of makeup and anatomy is hence becoming very beneficial while doing retouching. Neeraj Agnihotri has more than 6 years of experience in the area of High-End Fashion Retouching. He uses the most advanced techniques to get the expected results.

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