About Me:

  Neeraj Agnihotri


Neeraj Agnihotri is an internationally published fashion, fine arts, and portrait photographer. He has been playing with colors, lighting, and shadows ever since he picked up his camera to interpret the world in his own way and then expressing the same through his pictures. Thus, also finding his unique style, which revolves around fantasy, magic, art, and women.


He has a great capturing eye when it comes to fashion, art, glamor, boudoir, nude and editorial photography. He has years of experience and has worked with several national as well as international models. He is also a high-end retoucher who enjoys retouching a lot. He has also worked with several international photographers and agencies throughout the world.


Also, an active cinematographer and currently trying to get his hand on an Ukulele, but the camera and the retouching are where he finds solace and that keeps his pulse racing. As for him, photography is more than just clicking pictures; it’s a way of expressing your Depth & Soul.

He does admire the beauty of a good conversation. So don’t be hesitant to say hello, or ask any question. :)


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Neeraj Agnihotri During a Fashion shoot Sonakshi Panhotra 


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Your feedback is really appreciated.

   Catherine June 12, 2013

   It was really great working with you and your team. Hope to see you soon once I am back in India.

  Sunandha Reddy August 23, 2013

  I heard about you from one of my friends. She really appreciated your work a lot, so couldn't resist myself from checking your website.

  And now I finally know why she loved your work. :D


   Purab Kohli September 2, 2013

   Beautiful Pictures! Would you mind sharing the gears you use?


  Neeraj Agnihotri September 3, 2013

  Thank You, Purab. Currently, I am using Nikon D700 with 85mm f/1.8, 50mm f/1.4, 80-200mm f/2.8 and 24-70 f/2.8.

  Some of my pictures were also clicked by Nikon D90, Canon 5d Mark II & Canon 60D


  Rajni Shah November 17, 2013

  Nice work Neeraj. Will Shortly plan another catalogue shoot. 


  Sandhya Pillai November 29, 2013

  You have some beautiful work. 


  Rakesh Raghavendran January 6, 2014

  Love your work. 


  Mohita March 18, 2014

  You are a very talented artist. Keep clicking. 

  Lydia May 10, 2014

  Very good work


   jack eppalpalli June 29, 2014

   nice photography


   Sharon Brown November 17, 2014

   I love your B&W stills. Keep clicking.  xoxo


   Lea Foster April 23, 2015

   The way you cover Asian weddings is very impressive. Much love.


   Suvidha Srinivasan June 17, 2015

   South Indian wedding clicks are amazing.